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3 Aralık 2012 Pazartesi

6. Sınıf 7. ÜNİTE Test Soruları

6. Sınıf 7. ÜNİTE Test Soruları

Doğru şıkkı işaretleyiniz.

1. She has got a ______, she coughs.
A) sore throat
B) headache
C) backache
D) cut on the finger
2. Sam ______ feel well.
A) don't
B) isn't
C) hasn't
D) doesn't
3. ______ has got a broken arm?
A) When
B) Whose
C) Who
D) Where
4. You should drink at least eight glasses of ______ everyday.
A) coke
B) beer
C) water
D) energy drink
5. She is resting now ______ she has got a backache.
A) but
B) because
C) so
D) if
6. ______ can I keep my teeth healthy?
A) What
B) How
C) Who
D) Whose
7. ______ regularly to keep fit!
A) Runs
B) Running
C) Run
D) Runner
8. She ______ go to bed so late.
A) shouldn't
B) don't
C) isn't
D) hasn't
9. ______ you wash your hands after meals?
A) Does
B) Are
C) Have
D) Do
10. Let's ______ our teeth before we sleep!
A) brush
B) brushing
C) brushes
D) brushed

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